Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 111

Foreign minister Andrei Kozyrev´s active involvement in the electoral campaign for a Duma seat is being widely interpreted as reflecting his intention to step down as minister, and/or president Boris Yeltsin´s plans to replace him in that capacity. Deputies of the new Duma will be prohibited by law from holding ministerial positions. Both Kozyrev and the presidential administration have let out the word that he has cleared his candidacy for the Duma with Yeltsin. Having broken with "Russia´s Choice" in a bow to the Duma´s hard-liners, Kozyrev is running as an independent in a single-mandate electoral district in Murmansk, the same where he originally won his Duma seat. One of his opponents there is Lyubov Zhirinovskaya, Vladimir Zhirinovsky´s sister. (3)

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