Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 51

. In a television interview July 11,foreign minister Andrei Kozyrev denied rumors that he was aboutto resign, claimed that the Chechen "events" representa proof of Russian democracy, and denounced Russian nationalistVladimir Zhirinovsky for frightening off Western investment andfor providing the West with an excuse for expanding NATO. Accordingto Kozyrev, "its is not the deficiency of legislation, andnot even corruption, which impede the influx of foreign investments…butthe notion created by Zhirinovsky’s actions, of Russia as a countrywhere political savages act, while policy is made on the levelof schizophrenia." And while acknowledging the "sovereignright" of East European countries to join NATO, he suggestedthat the West need not hurry out of fears that Zhirinovsky wasabout to come to power. "Hitler took six years, from 1933to 1939, to prepare for the war. If, God forbid, Zhirinovsky comesto power, he will also need years to prepare," giving theWest ample time to take in the East Europeans.

Zhirinovsky Termed Germany’s Best Friend by Far Rightist