Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 44

Pledging to returnif needed, now retired Lt. Gen. Aleksandr Lebed told supportersin Moldova’s Transdniestr region that he would always defend them,Russian television reported June 30. Russian authorities wereglad to see him go. Trud reported June 28 that they hadstripped Lebed of his car, guards, and phones even before he departed.On July 1, the 14th Army he had commanded ceased to exist. Itbecame the "limited contingent of Russian forces," Russiantelevision pointed out June 30. It may become a lot more limited.According to Russian radio, Russian defense minister Pavel Grachevhas ordered all soldiers without Russian passports and residencepermits to leave this force. According to Lebed, such soldiersnow represent 80 percent of the total serving in the Transdniestrregion.

Tiraspol Charges Chisinau "Bought Off" Moscow Press.