Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 43

If presidential electionswere held today, retired Lt. Gen. Aleksandr Lebed would garnermore votes than anyone else, a poll reported in the June 28 VechernyayaMoskva suggests. But none of the candidates has much support.Eight percent of the respondents backed Lebed; only three percentsaid they would vote for Yeltsin. In addition to Lebed, eightother candidates had more support than the current president,according to the poll. During a June 29 press conference in Tiraspol,Lebed began to speak of himself in the third person, noting that"it is clear right now that Lebed will be an activist inpolitics," Basarpress reported. Meanwhile, Moskovskienovosti (no. 44) provided another reason why Yeltsin acceptedthe general’s resignation even though that gives the presidentanother opponent. The weekly suggests that Moscow is consideringyet another pipeline route, one that would pass through the Transdniestrregion, where Lebed had been in charge.

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