Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 83

Russian security council secretaryand now President Boris Yeltsin’s special envoy to Chechnya OlegLobov arrived in Grozny August 28, Russian media reported. Lobov’saides said he had no immediate plans to meet the Chechen delegationto the peace talks and would instead cooperate with the SecurityCouncil delegation now in the Chechen capital. Sporadic fightingcontinued over the weekend, with an intense and bloody clash takingplace at the Daghestan border. Both sides remained unhappy withthe pace of progress: Russian officials, up to and including Yeltsin,have complained that only a few hundred of the estimated 60,000weapons in Chechen hands have been turned in and destroyed sofar, and Chechen leaders have been angry that Russian forces havenot been pulled back as promised. Meanwhile, Russian deputy premierOleg Soskovets conceded that Moscow would need to spent 10-12trillion rubles on rebuilding Chechnya, a far higher figure thanMoscow has claimed in the past.

Russian Government to Help Only "Good" Banks in CurrentCrisis.