Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 156

In a pique because Belarusian voters last week elected a parliament, depriving him of an argument for imposing personal rule, President Aleksandr Lukashenko looks bent on preventing the parliament’s functioning. The parliament’s outgoing chairman Myacheslau Hryb told a news conference that Lukashenko had halted funding and essential services to the parliament’s operations; and hotels are refusing to accept reservations from arriving deputies. The parliament’s press office charged in a statement that "certain forces" were attempting to disrupt the work of the first session and make parliament submit to their will. Newly-elected deputy Petr Krauchenka, who served previously as Belarus’ foreign minister, said that parliament’s very existence was at stake on account of Lukashenko’s measures. (16) The president’s tactics contradict his pledge last week to work with the deputies.

Three Presidents Call for Non-CIS Peacekeeping Force.