Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 96

The Kremlin proposes to include in the Russia-Belarus union treaty or charter a commitment to political unification of the two countries in a federal state. However, Belarusan president Aleksandr Lukashenko and his delegates to the joint drafting commission "categorically oppose" this proposal, Russian president Boris Yeltsin’s aide, Sergei Shakhrai, disclosed yesterday at a plenary session of the president’s Political Consultative Council. Shakhrai, a hard-line promoter of the union and a member of the joint drafting commission, proposed a "compromise" envisaging Russia-Belarus unification in a single state within one year and the option of holding a referendum to approve the measure. (Interfax, ORT, May 14) Lukashenko’s position is consistent with his seemingly illogical insistence on a "union" with the retention of full Belarusan sovereignty. He is in fact interested mainly in an economic "union" with Russia and the continuation of his own political control of Belarus.

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