Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 1 Issue: 4

On November 14, the online daily news service, frequently a quite reliable source of information, reported that it appeared that President Aslan Maskhadov had left the borders of Chechnya. According to trustworthy sources, “Maskhadov did indeed leave the territory of Chechnya at the end of September.” Since that time, noted, neither Russian military intelligence nor the FSB have received any reports concerning Maskhadov or those close to him, which strongly suggests that the Chechen president has indeed left the territory of Chechnya. Moreover, since late September, Maskhadov has ceased giving press interviews. Where, then, is he? “Maskhadov could be anywhere-from Georgia to Azerbaijan, to Turkey, Germany or Malaysia, where, as is well known, his son has been living for about three years. The only thing that is known for sure is that Maskhadov is alive; if he were dead, all Chechnya would learn of it, and first of all his wife and daughter who are living in Ingushetia.” Obviously this report needs to be carefully checked.