Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 92

Russian president Boris Yeltsin’s first solo news conference in Russia in nearly one year (see Monitor, September 8) was reported by Russian media later that day and on September 9 to include the following remarks by Yeltsin:

–In the event of NATO’s enlargement, Russia "would immediately enter into constructive alliances with all republics of the former Soviet Union and there would be a new bloc;"

–NATO should cease being a military organization. European security must rely on a political organization including Russia, with common armed forces which would be commanded by each member state in rotation;

–The Moslems have become "more aggressive in the Balkans," and the Croats "have captured new territories."

–"Considering Russian-Serb ties, we must respond appropriately to Croat and Bosnian Moslem actions and help the Serbs…primarily with humanitarian aid…We shall see if those actions continue, then it may require something hotter."

–The Foreign Ministry’s and Andrei Kozyrev’s work has been "unsatisfactory;" and "necessary conclusions will be drawn."

Duma Votes Strongly Anti-Western Resolutions.