Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 42

Astrakhan,North Ossetia, and both Moscow and Saint Petersburg have increasedthe number and alert status of forces available to counter anyterrorist attack, Russian media reported June 27-28. But Moscowmayor Yuri Luzhkov said that the current concentration of anti-terroristtroops in his city would last less than a month. Meanwhile, Ukrainianofficials increased their defenses along the country’s southeastborder, Kievskie vedomosti said June 24. This public attentionto anti-terrorist measures and statements by Russian securityforces that more terrorist attacks could happen any time–as reportedon Russian television June 27–only heightened Russian anxieties.In an effort to calm the public, Russian prime minister Chernomyrdincriticized the "rumor mongers" in the media and withinhis own government and said that Moscow had the situation wellin hand, Russian radio reported June 28

Senior Commander Says Nuclear Terrorism Possible in Russia.