Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 21

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has denied charges made over the weekend that Russia has increased its espionage activities in Germany over the past few years. Head of German counter-intelligence Hansjoerg Geiger said in the weekly German news magazine Der Spiegel that Russian espionage in Germany was reaching cold war proportions. According to Geiger, Germany had been especially targeted because of the leading role it plays in both Europe and NATO. Geiger said the German government has protested to Moscow the inappropriateness of spying on a country that has extended significant financial aid to Russia. He seemed to suggest that the espionage activities were being conducted particularly against German business interests and cautioned German business leaders to be aware that many Russian firms employ former KGB officers. (8)

Pervomaiskoye Debacle Reverberates in North Caucasus.