Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 42

As the Groznytalks shifted from military to political issues, Russian negotiatorssaid that Moscow was willing to have representatives of the Dudayevforces in some future coalition government and even to considerallowing Dudayev to run for office. The Chechen negotiators saidthat they would like a delay in discussions about the future statusof Chechnya and wanted to focus only on election-related matters.The Russian side also demanded the extradition of Shamil Basayev,the leader of the Budennovsk raid from whatever country he mightbe in. Outside, sporadic fighting continued, with Moskovskienovosti (no. 42) noting that the Chechens still controlledmany nominally "liberated" areas. And a group of Russianhuman rights activists called on Yeltsin to denounce the Russianinvasion of Chechnya and succeeding Russian actions there as "actsof terrorism" and to bring the guilty to justice, Moscow’sEcho radio reported June 28.

Impeachment Effort Falls Short.