Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 3 Issue: 34

According to a report in the November 6 issue of the Prague Watchdog, “The Russian Foreign Ministry today issued a statement in which it accuses Czech Television of supporting terrorists by broadcasting a documentary on the war in Chechnya. Czech Television, which broadcast the anti-war documentary on its two nationwide channels on October 31 and November 6, considers the statement absurd and said it would comment on it later…. The documentary, ‘Dark Side of the World,’ was shot by prominent Czech journalists Petra Prochazkova and Joromir Stetina…. In October 2000, Czech President Vaclav Havel gave Petra Prochazkova and Joromir Stetina a Czech state award for their reporting on armed conflicts in the territory of the former Soviet Union.” Currently, both of them “are on a blacklist of persons to whom the Russian authorities deny a Russian visa.”