Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 76

A Russian foreignministry spokesman said that Moscow believed Washington’s latestideas on a resolution of the Yugoslav conflict could be the basisfor a broader agreement, but warned that the US proposal containedunacceptable military provisions, Russian radio reported August16. Meanwhile, senior Russian diplomats told Russian media August16 that Moscow views Albanian protests to the OSCE and the UNconcerning the dispatch of Serbian refugees to the Serbia’s Kosovoregion as "inadmissible" interference in the internalaffairs of Belgrade-controlled Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, a convoyof Russian trucks carrying aid to Belgrade set off from the Moscowregion, and an article in Moskovskiye novosti (no. 54)warned that "at this stage," the discussions about whatto do in Yugoslavia resembled "mini-Yaltas designed to formalizea new alignment of forces in southeastern Europe six years afterthe fall of the Berlin wall" and warned that such decisions–likethose at the Yalta agreements at the end of World War II–moreoften reflected the interests of elites rather than of the peoplesinvolved.

FSB: Fred Cuny Worked for Western Intelligence Agencies.