Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 82

Carryingplacards with slogans such as "Long live the hammer and sickle,"a large group of workers rallied in Moscow August 23 to protestthe "up for grabs privatization" taking place in thecountry, Sovetskaya Rossiya reported August 24. The papersaid that the rally adopted a resolution calling on workers toestablish workers soviets at their enterprises and to be preparedto stage a country-wide political strike. Meanwhile, the Moscowbranch of the Officer’s Union held a meeting August 16 and adopteda resolution renaming the group the Union of Soviet Officers with"For Our Soviet Motherland" as the slogan, Pravdareported August 18. In a commentary in the August 23 Moskovskayapravda, Aleksandr Tsipko argued that the communist party hasa good chance to win popular support because it taps into boththe nostalgia of many Russians for the stability of the past andtheir desire to recover their national dignity.

Unemployment Increases Accelerating Again.