Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 64

Accordingto a survey of 3,159 residents in 36 sections of the Moscow region,more than one third of Muscovites believe that "real powerin their city" is in the hands of the mafia or other criminalelements, Russian television reported July 31. 32 percent saidthat the heads of the local administration were in charge, while10 percent said that the directors of enterprises dominated things.These attitudes persist even though the Moscow police have recentlyconducted a much-publicized crackdown on organized crime. Krasnayazvezda reported July 28 that the Moscow militia had eliminated413 gangs that had been responsible for almost 500 crimes andhad confiscated a large number of firearms, ammunitions, and 156kilograms of explosives.

Russia Restores Economic Ties with Libya.