Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 107

The chief of the Leningrad region’s MVD office for combating organized crime, Anatoly Oleinikov, said that he can prove that Dmitri Yakubovsky is guilty of theft, and of trying to sell abroad manuscripts worth $300 million. Oleinikov said that the Swiss and Israeli police participated in his investigation, and that two more persons have been detained in connection with the case in Zurich, and six in Tel Aviv. (7)

Dmitri Yakubovsky made his name in several scandalous stories connected with the highest levels of Russian politics. He was recruited by former USSR Supreme Soviet chairman Anatoly Lukyanov to investigate corruption in the Western Group of Forces in Germany; was forced to flee abroad afterward; played a key role in the accusations of corruption against former Vice President Aleksandr Rutskoi in 1993, which proved to be fabricated; and was exposed to have had connections with former security minister Viktor Barannikov, which finally lost him the Kremlin’s favor. He was finally arrested in December 1994, and accused of the theft of the manuscripts, in what appeared to be a "sting" operation by Russian security services. The extremely high price of the stolen manuscripts is explained by the fact that these were unique 11th century Tibetan and Mongolian occult books.

Another Russian Businessman Murdered.