New Editor’s Introductory Note

Publication: China Brief Volume: 21 Issue: 19

The changes currently underway in China are immense and their outcome uncertain. 2021 has been a momentous year in Chinese politics, with more big changes set to come out of the Communist Party Central Committee’s sixth plenum in November. Next year will lead up to the 20th Party Congress in the fall, which will set the course for China’s trajectory over the next decade and beyond.

As a long-time reader, and the new Editor-in-Chief of China Brief, I aim to continue this publication’s record of providing in-depth, policy-relevant research and analysis on China that is based primarily on indigenous sources. I look forward to engaging with you, the members of the China-watching community, at this time of tremendous change in China.

Finally, if you have suggestions or would like to submit an article for consideration, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at John S. Van Oudenaren, China Brief- Editor-in-Chief