Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 177

The Moscow Anti-Fascist Center estimates that of the 40 extremist groups operating in Russia, only eight have more than 1,000 members. Despite their small numbers, they have an impact through their newspapers and street protests. The eight largest groups are: the Cossacks, Zhirinovsky’s LDPR, Anpilov’s "Working Russia," the Russian Communist Workers Party of Anpilov and Tyulkin, Barkashov’s Russian National Unity, Belyaev’s party, Lysenko’s party, Malyarov’s Youth Union and Terekhov’s Officers Union. There are some 35 extremist newspapers, the largest of which, "Zavtra," has a circulation of about 100,000. (Ogonek, no. 36, September)

Nemtsov Meets with Picketing Defense Workers.