Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 73

Negotiations betweenNorth Ossetia and Ingushetia on the repatriation of Ingush forcedout of North Ossetia in 1992 were suspended August 11, Interfaxreported. In Ingushetia’s capital of Nazran, the Ingush side demandedthat this year repatriation should begin with respect to all16 localities in the Prigorodnyi raion, and that North Ossetianguarantee of the repatriates’ safety. But the North Ossetian sideinsisted that repatriation be limited to 4 localities for now,an open-ended time frame, and no responsibility for the repatriates’safety. Two days prior to the emergence of this stalemate, theNorth Ossetian and Ingush justice ministries had managed to signan agreement to cooperate in curbing the activities of groupsfomenting tensions among the two peoples, and in investigatingand prosecuting those who adhere to blood feud traditions.

Azerbaijan Adopts Electoral Law.