Publication: Monitor Volume: 4 Issue: 63

The Communist faction in the State Duma and their nationalist and agrarian allies launched their campaign in the Russian parliament this morning to force President Boris Yeltsin to withdraw his nomination of 35-year-old Sergei Kirienko as prime minister. The Communists say Kirienko is inexperienced. The Duma is expected to vote on Kirienko’s candidacy on Friday, April 3. Yeltsin has threatened to dissolve parliament if it refuses to approve his nominee. Kirienko himself is holding talks with faction leaders today. (BBC, April 1)

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Duma’s Defense Committee, retired General Lev Rokhlin, who is pursuing his own vendetta against Yeltsin, said yesterday that his committee now has sufficient documentary evidence to launch impeachment proceedings against the president. (Russian agencies, March 31)

Allegations of Electoral Fraud in Nizhny Novgorod.