Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 19

Citing rising debts andinsufficient income, the editor of Nezavisimaya gazeta announced that the dailywould suspend publication, that paper reported in its May 24 issue. VitalyTretyakov said that his paper–which has carried the reformist banner for fourand one-half years–would seek new funding and hoped to return.Nezavisimaya gazeta is the latest victim of two trends: a dramatic cutback ingovernment subsidies to the media, and an even greater fall off in readership.The number of subscribers to Moscow-based newspapers and magazines fellfrom 220 million in 1990 to only 20.8 million last year, Vechernyaya Moskvareported May 24.

While many publications like Nezavisimaya gazeta are in trouble,others are attracting even more readers. Among the winners are: Businessweeklies, soft-porn magazines, and nationalist and communist publications.The communist party paper Pravda said last week that it would expand itsweekend edition to 14 pages.

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