Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 199

Retired gen. Lev Rokhlin has denied news reports that he called on his supporters at a rally in Solnechnogorsk, near Moscow, to "oust the hated regime" [of President Boris Yeltsin]. (NTV, ORT, October 23) Russia’s procurator general has ordered an inquiry to discover whether Rokhlin violated the constitution by inciting his supporters, many of whom are army officers, to stage a military coup. The news agency in question, Interfax, has responded with a statement that its reporter was present at the rally and that it has a tape-recording which supports its claims. (Reuters, October 23-24) Rokhlin says he too has a tape which proves that he says no such thing. "Maybe a few words, but only if they’re torn out of context," he admitted yesterday. (ORT, October 23)

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