Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 139

President Boris Yeltsin praised the peace accord among Bosnia’s warring parties yesterday and urged a prompt suspension of international sanctions against rump Yugoslavia. "A decision on Russia’s participation in military aspects of the settlement will be made later, taking into account all of the circumstances," he said in the statement. Also yesterday, Col. General Leonty Shevtsov, who will command Russian peacekeeping troops in Bosnia, told German TV that his soldiers were ready to operate in the Posavina corridor, a narrow strip of land in northern Bosnia which links Serb-held territory to the east and west and also abuts on Croatia. (4)

The corridor had been a major sticking point in the peace talks among the warring factions that reached agreement in Dayton, Ohio. Serbs had sought to widen the corridor, which would force their Moslem and Croat foes to hand over some territory. What the agreement specifically provides for has not yet been announced.

Chechnya Bears Brunt of Chaotic Moscow Decisions.