Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 122

Over 100 Russian paratroopers flew out from a military airport outside Ryazan to Belgrade on October 25 to replace members of the Russian peace contingent in Bosnia, a spokesman for the Russian airborne troops told Interfax. About 800 Russian "blue helmets" are to be replaced between October 25 and November 6. Russia deploys a 1,500-strong peace contingent in the region including a 900-strong Russbat-1 in Eastern Slavonia (Croatia) and Russbat-2 of over 500 soldiers close to the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. The spokesman said all paratroopers who had undergone training in peacekeeping operations were being sent there under contract. (1)

If Russia agrees on a formula to participate in the Bosnia peacekeeping operation, it will probably add another 500 troops to this contingent, and move its base of operation from eastern Slavonia to Sarajevo. In theory, the present peacekeeping force is to be reimbursed by the U.N, but it reportedly has not been paid in months because U.N. coffers for peacekeeping operations are dry.

Kozyrev Disinclined to be Yeltsin’s "Slave".