Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 172

The commander-in-chief of Russia’s Air Force said on September 15 that his troops could be cut by up to 10 percent without compromising national security and that he himself was a "zealous proponent of reductions in the armed forces." But Army Gen. Petr Deinekin also urged that all reductions be carefully considered and that each service chief be given considerable autonomy in deciding precisely where the ax would fall. Deinekin’s remarks suggest that he has accepted the inevitability of further military reductions and that he may hope by climbing on the bandwagon early both to limit the damage sustained by the Air Force and to ensure that he is given greater control over implementation of the cuts. His comments reflect assertions by Russia’s Defense Minister that additional reductions are likely and come on the eve of a battle over the 1997 military budget that is likely to leave military leaders once again disappointed. (Interfax, September 15)

Arms Makers Seek Independence.