Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 83

Russiandefense ministry officials told Russian radio August 27 that thereare likely to be interruptions in the food supplies to Russiansoldiers during the next two or three weeks. The army is heavilyin debt to suppliers who increasingly are unwilling to providefood without payment. The ministry has already dipped into itsstrategic food reserve and cannot long continue to do so, officialssaid. The worst conditions with regard to food supply are in thefar north and far east, but the problems of supply now affectMoscow as well. Meanwhile, Chernomyrdin’s "Russia is OurHome" bloc told Krasnaya zvezda August 25 that itwould seek to increase funding for Russian servicemen to overcomethe crisis. And the Russian government has announced that it willcreate several financial industrial groups (FIGs) to help savethe country’s defense industries.

Russia Will Import Grain This Year.