Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 13

Despite Moscow’s claims that thesituation was stabilizing and that the major task ahead was reconstruction,Russian artillery, tanks, and bombers continued their attacks throughout thecountry on May 16, Itar-Tass and the Postfactum agency reported. Russianattacks were especially heavy around Serzhen-Yurt, a town that many see asthe gateway to the Chechen-controlled mountains in the south The Russianmilitary reportedly reinforced units along the borders of Chechnya in aneffort to block arms from reaching the Chechen fighters and to prevent theChechens from fleeing into neighboring republics.

The US State Department said that preliminary examination had been unable todetermine whether a decayed corpse found outside of Grozny was in fact thebody of missing American aid specialist Fred Cuny. Additional tests will beconducted today and tomorrow, the Department spokesman said.

Yeltsin Turns To Ukraine.