Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 208

Russian defense minister Igor Sergeev and his visiting British counterpart, George Robertson, on November 4 signed an agreement on the creation of a joint commission to promote bilateral military and technological cooperation. In his meeting with Sergeev and in talks with other Russian leaders, Robertson reportedly tried to assuage fears of NATO’s enlargement. Russian state military inspector and Defense Council secretary Andrei Kokoshin reiterated Moscow’s opposition to enlargement, and described the NATO policy as contrary to the interests of Russia and of European security in general. Sergeev told Robertson that all the Russian military structures envisioned in the Russia-NATO Founding Act should be in operation by next month. (Russian agencies, November 4)

Note to readers: Beginning with this issue, the Monitor will be profiling Ukraine’s political parties and blocs in the runup to the country’s parliamentary election.

Ukrainian Socialists Mobilize for Elections.