Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 66

Russian military operations in Chechnya grew in scope and intensity yesterday and today. Confirmed reports identified nine southeastern and six southwestern villages as coming under Russian air, artillery, or infantry attack. Chechen resistance counterattacked in Orekhovo in an effort to retake the village and successfully repulsed Russian ground attacks in several other places. Resistance was also returned in the district center of Shali, where thousands of residents have participated for the last few days in pro-independence and pro-Dudaev rallies. Defense minister Pavel Grachev pointed out that the military operations are within the letter of Boris Yeltsin’s April 1 decree on settling the conflict. The Grozny collaborationist authorities complained that civilian deaths "discredit" them in the eyes of the population. (NTV, Interfax, Western agencies, April 3 & 4).

Yeltsin to Press for Greater Trade with China.