Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 137

The Russian Duma adopted November 17, a statement denouncing "the violation of the rights and freedoms of ethnic Russians and Russian citizens in Kazakhstan." The statement accused Kazakhstan of discriminating against the Russian language, closing Russian schools, attacking Orthodox churches, dismissing Russians from high-level posts in the civil service, and persecuting Russian Cossacks through the arrest of several Cossack activists. The Duma warned that the position of Kazakhstan’s leadership on these issues will decisively affect Russia’s economic, political, and "other" relations with Kazakhstan. Meanwhile on the Russia-Kazakhstan border, Russian Ural Cossacks warned that they would cut off roads and impose an economic blockade of Kazakhstan if it did not release Cossack ataman Nikolai Gunkin, awaiting trial in Almaty for irredentist activities. (22)

The Duma’s statement follows accusations by Russia’s Foreign Ministry earlier this month that Kazakhstan discriminates against its Russians. President Nursultan Nazarbayev and other senior Kazakhstan officials (including ethnic Russians) refuted the accusations on the eve of Nazarbayev’s meeting with Boris Yeltsin in Moscow last week. The charges typify Russian nationalist reactions to the newly independent states’ de-russification of public life, the school system, and the civil service–spheres heavily dominated by the Russian languages and Russian settlers to the detriment of the local peoples and their language during the Soviet era.

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