Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 137

Yuri Skokov, leader of the Congress of Russian Communities (KRO), told voters in the Stavropol Krai on November 17 that, if his block wins the parliamentary elections in December, it may institute criminal proceedings against certain members of the present leadership. (5) Earlier in the election campaign, Skokov identified some of the people he had in mind, telling voters in Kazan that Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin deserved to be "put in prison" because, under his leadership, workers have gone for months without their wages, and that the privatization program masterminded by First Deputy Premier Anatoly Chubais was carried out "in violation of the law." (6) Speculation that, once in power, opposition politicians might attempt to put members of the present elite behind bars has aroused considerable alarm in Moscow and prompted rumors that the Yeltsin leadership may seek to cancel the elections or to have them declared invalid.

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