Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 112

Saying that the constitution "is not an icon," the speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament, Yegor Stroev, has called for the constitution to be amended to give more power to parliament. (NTV, Interfax, January 10) Stroev referred to the wide powers to rule by decree vested in the president and government by Russia’s 1993 constitution, and argued that "the country cannot live only under decrees and resolutions." He said parliament has "come of age" and that both houses of parliament should have more influence over key cabinet appointments, including first deputy premiers and the "power ministers" (interior, defense, security). At present, the Duma approves only the president’s choice of prime minister, and all other ministers are appointed by the president or premier free of parliamentary control. Stroev said he was also in favor of increasing the powers of the State Duma and the Federation Council to adopt and monitor the implementation of national social and economic policy.

Incumbents Reelected.