Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 19

The law enforcement authorities of Azerbaijan have announced the arrest of some 40 pro-Communist and pro-Moscow subversives who were preparing terrorist acts in Baku as a prelude to a coup. The uncovered network is said to consist of supporters of the republic’s former Communist party leader and president, Ayaz Mutalibov, ex-KGB chief Vahid Huseinov, former prime minister Suret Huseinov, and former chief of staff, Gen. Shahin Musaev, all of whom were implicated in abortive coups against President Haidar Aliev in 1994 and 1995 and have since found a haven in Moscow. The Azerbaijani authorities found the group’s arms and explosives caches near the border with Russia’s republic of Dagestan, where the group is said to have enjoyed sanctuary. It acted jointly with a group of ex-OMON officers headed by Elchin Amiraslanov, participants in the 1995 rebellion, who also operated from a base in Dagestan and were arrested last year after assassinating several security officials in northern Azerbaijan. The OMON group is now on trial, and that investigation seems to have led to the arrests that have just been announced. (Turan, Interfax, January 24-26)

…And in Georgia.