Aram Sarkisian, a 38-year old engineer with no political experience, will replace his murdered older brother Vazgen as prime minister. President Robert Kocharian made the nomination in a political deal with the military and business circles allied with Vazgen, killed three weeks ago in a bizarre attack whose motives remain obscure…. MOLDOVA: The Communist Party, which holds 40 percent of the seats in parliament, will take the lead in forming a new governing coalition as economic conditions continue to deteriorate. Insolvent Moldova, which no longer qualifies for IMF or World Bank lending, may be unable to obtain gas supplies from its Russian suppliers this winter…. TAJIKISTAN: President Imomali Rahmonov won reelection on November 6 with 96 percent of the vote. Despite primitive communications, the Central Electoral Commission was able to report the results just hours after the polls closed. Russian observers from the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly certified the election as free and fair…. UKRAINE: President Leonid Kuchma defeated communist leader Petro Symonenko in a presidential run-off election November 14. Kuchma had 56 percent to Symonenko’s 37 percent, according to preliminary results. Nearly 75 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots.