Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 199

As predicted (see Monitor, October 23), yesterday’s CIS summit in Chisinau was highly contentious. The meeting of the Council of Heads of State adjourned without signing any of the 17 documents on the agenda. After lengthy and emotional give-and-take on the organization’s flaws and internal frictions, the presidents referred all the documents to the Council of Heads of Government, and resolved to reconvene the Council of Heads of State on January 23 at an unspecified location to continue the debate.

Leaving Chisinau for Moscow yesterday, Russian president Boris Yeltsin announced that the 12 presidents have agreed to draw up a document incorporating all the criticisms and proposals that they had addressed to Russia as presiding country and to the CIS as an organization during this summit. To be drafted by a committee of prime ministers and their representatives, the document will serve as a basis for discussing a reorganization of the CIS at the January 23 summit. (Flux, October 25)

Agricultural Common Market Planned.