Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 75

A decree by Tajik president ImammaliRakhmonov, published August 14, appointed Yakubzhon Salimov tothe newly created position of ambassador to Turkey. Two weeksearlier Rakhmonov had dismissed Salimov from the position of internalaffairs minister, but parliament withheld its consent to thatmeasure. A prominent racketeer before the Tajik civil war, Salimovfought as a pro-Moscow field commander in that war and was rewardedwith the ministry, into which he brought personal followers withcriminal ties. Following his dismissal, Salimov gathered severalhundred loyal armed policemen in Khatlon region (southern Tajikistan)and threatened to march against the government, while the policemen’sfamilies sought to rally the local population around economicdemands. According to the August 15 Izvestiya and Interfax, thestandoff reportedly split the Dushanbe security agencies and wasfinally resolved through Salimov’s transfer to the diplomaticservice.

Uzbekistan Absorbing South Korean Investment.