Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 3 Issue: 36

An article entitled “The War in Chechnya,” appearing in the December 4 issue of Die Presse (Austria), and posted in Russian translation on on the same day, featured the views concerning the Chechen conflict of a leading French philosopher, Andre Glucksmann, who termed Russia’s actions in the besieged republic “the last European colonial bloodbath.” “If Europe raises its voice [on the subject of Chechnya],” Glucksmann remarked, “then it will save its self-respect, its soul and its project of a commonwealth of peoples which intends to turn its back on all the horrors of the twentieth century. If it keeps silent, then by that fact it burns its own birth certificate and becomes an obedient accomplice in the incitement of genocide.” Glucksmann drew attention to the fact that the Holocaust Museum in Washington has “placed the Chechens on the list of peoples who are under threat of extinction due to genocide.”