Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 2 Issue: 3

In an interview published in the army newspaper Krasnaya zvezda on 10 January, Colonel General Gennady Troshev, commander of the North Caucasus Military District, asserted belligerently: “It is necessary to take a detailed look at who is living in the camps for forced migrants. There are not a few women and children there, but where are their husbands? In the main, their husbands are in the bandit formations, where they are killing our soldiers” (Krasnaya zvezda, January 10). What concrete plans, one wonders, do General Troshev and his fellow military officers have for these “guilty” women and children? And why, one must ask, does he advocate that the estimated 200,000 Chechens currently taking refuge in Ingushetia be forcibly returned to Chechnya?