Publication: Terrorism Focus Volume: 2 Issue: 8

In addition to the unexpected re-appearance of Sawt al-Jihad, just released on the internet is another new magazine, aimed at those the Arab mujahideen fighting in the Caucasus, or sympathizers following the events in the region, entitled Sawt al-Qoqaz (The Voice of the Caucasus).

Modeled on the format and reproducing the production quality of the Arabian Peninsular Sawt al-Jihad productions, the 33-page periodical includes the customary mix of religious exhortation literature, military lessons from early Islamic history, spiritual preparation for military jihad, and poetry.

The editorial states the purpose of the periodical: to fill the information gap about events in the region. It emphasizes how the conflict in the Caucasus, under the guise of “internal security” or “anti-terrorism” is actually a religious, anti-Islamic conflict and pointedly refuses the concept of “compromise” in the political and military struggle.

This first edition also includes an interview with Shamil Basaev, who gives his view of the present situation of the Chechen struggle, including the level of military co-operation between the various jihadi groups operating in the arena. A note is also included on lessons and experiences from the Chechen jihad, penned by the Mufti of the Chechen mujahideen Abu Omar Muhammad al-Sayf (famous for his denunciation of the Iraqi elections and of the concept of democracy published in the online Iraqi jihadi magazine Al-Fath). A final plea is then made to Muslims across the world to come to the aid of the mujahideen fighting in the Caucasus.

(A more detailed examination of the magazine, of the parts specific to the Chechen and Caucasus jihad, will appear in the next edition of Terrorism Focus).