Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 137

Forbes magazine published on July 14 its listing of the world’s 200 richest businessmen, which for the first time includes three Russians. Boris Berezovsky’s personal wealth is estimated at $3 billion, followed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky of Rosprom-Yukos ($2.4 billion), and Vagit Alekperov of LUKoil ($1.4 billion). Berezovsky occupies 97th place, well ahead of Rupert Murdoch ($2.8 billion) and George Soros ($2.1 billion). Berezovsky is currently suing Forbes for an article it published last December which suggested that he was the "The Godfather of the Kremlin."

The magazine also notes as highly influential businessmen Rem Vyakhirev of Gazprom (with an estimated worth of $1.1 billion), Vladimir Potanin of Oneksimbank ($700 million), and Vladimir Gusinsky of MOST-Media ($400 million). We should find out soon how accurate Forbes’ assessment of Berezovsky is: as a top state official, he is supposed to file his income and wealth declaration with the Russian tax service by July 16. A LUKoil spokesman explained that Forbes had asked them to provide information on Alekperov’s shareholdings, but they refused to release any information to the magazine. (Kommersant-daily, July 15)

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