Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 105

Transdniester military and education officials say that pursuant to a recent agreement, military academies in the Russia are training cadets for Transdniester’s army. Over 50 Transdniester cadets have been admitted this autumn to Russian military academies. Transdniester believes that such training will help meet its army’s "acute need for specialists." (12)

When created in 1991-92, Transdniester’s forces were staffed by officers transferred from Russia’s 14th Army deployed in the region. Those transfers ceased after 1992. The reported effort to train more local officers reflects Tiraspol’s intention to retain its own army as part of any future settlement with Chisinau. That demand is a major cause of the deadlock in the Chisinau-Tiraspol negotiations.

Latvia Gets Complicated Parliament.