Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 89

Ukraine’s foreign ministry announced September 5 that Council of Europe’s bureau of the parliamentary assembly has decided to recommend Ukraine for admission to the CE, Interfax-Ukraine reported. The decision is in line with the CE senior political official Hans-Peter Furrer’s September 1 statement that Ukraine basically qualifies for admission. If the Assembly formally approves Ukraine’s application on September 26, it must then be confirmed by the CE’s Committee of Ministers, probably at its November 9 session. Although Ukraine has yet to adopt a new democratic constitution, the CE apparently will accept as a substitute the agreement between the president and the parliament on separation of powers. The CE also seems satisfied with the way in which Ukraine’s is treating its ethnic minorities.

If admitted to the CE as is now expected, Ukraine will become the second CIS member state to attain that status, after Moldova and ahead of Russia.

Belarus-Russia Monetary Union Delayed.