Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 144

The Ukrainian government recently appealed to the German and U.S. governments to support Ukraine’s effort to address the potentially destabilizing social costs of economic reforms. That appeal was catalyzed by the coal workers’ strike over unpaid wages in russified eastern Ukraine. Only two mines were still on strike yesterday, down from the approximately 60 which had in recent weeks joined the strike and whose workers had blockaded public transport. In a statement yesterday, the Ukrainian Trade Unions’ Federation restated its support for the mine workers’ lawful demands and reserved the right to defend workers’ interests within the framework of the law. But the Federation condemned the manipulation of workers’ grievances by "interested political forces" and corrupt groups, and endorsed the government’s law and order measures. (Interfax-Ukraine, July 23) The government has managed to defuse the protests by pledging to pay overdue wages, dismissing some regional officials and managers who apparently condoned the strike, and threatening to arrest and prosecute instigators of disorder.

Tajikistan Fighting Continues Despite Ceasefire.