Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 81

. The 90 Ukrainianpeacekeepers serving in the Bosnian safe area of Gorazde are beingpulled out and sent to Belgrade, UN officials told a press conferenceAugust 24. Meanwhile, the Russian foreign ministry expressed thehope that the Bosnian Serbs would not attack that safe haven.And Russian commentators stepped up their attacks on the Russiangovernment for failing to make a greater contribution to resolvingthe conflict in Bosnia. An article in Moskovskiye novosti(no. 56) said that "the position of Russian diplomacy inthe Yugoslav crisis is neither pro- Serbian, nor pro-Croatian,not pro-Muslim. The problem is that it is nothing at all."The paper said that the reason for this sad situation is thatthe position of the Russian foreign ministry reflected domesticpolitical calculations rather than a studied approach to foreignaffairs. Meanwhile, however, the Russian foreign ministry announcedthat it was going to resume the supply of natural gas to Belgrade–despiteinternational sanctions- -as a "humanitarian" gesture.

Yeltsin Said to be Working