Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 44

Despitethe hoopla surrounding the Gore-Chernomyrdin meetings, Russianexperts argue that differences between the two countries are increasingrapidly. Sergei Rogov, the director of the Moscow Institute forthe Study of the US and Canada, told Interfax June 30 that theWest had failed to include Russia in any European institutionsand that Moscow was thus looking elsewhere. Two of his colleaguestold Segodnya June 30 that one country Moscow should solidifyits ties with is Iran. They urged that Russia follow through withits plans to sell nuclear reactors to Tehran. But many Russiansare likely to oppose that. A USIA poll released June 19 foundthat 47 percent of Russians were against such sales and preferredto seek ties with the West.

Moscow Considers New Law on Return of Cultural Artifacts.