and Boris Berezovsky, the principals behind independent television networks NTV and ORT respectively, to appear for questioning on November 13. Gusinsky is accused of inflating the value of collateral he put up for a loan, and then of moving the collateral offshore, out of the reach of creditors. Berezovsky is suspected of diverting revenue from Aeroflot, the airline he acquired in a “rent seeking” privatization transaction, to shell companies he created in Switzerland for that purpose.

Gusinsky has stayed abroad since prosecutors allowed him to travel last June, in exchange for his promise, later broken, to give up control of NTV. Gusinsky, much of whose wealth came from sweetheart deals between his now failed bank and the Moscow city government, ignored an earlier summons and will probably do so again. Berezovsky, who appeared for questioning last month, is outside Russia but may return. Both men could face arrest warrants if they fail to show.