The separatists in Xinjiang may not be targets for the “international community,” but they are international terrorists. We know this because a Kyrgyz court of justice in Bishkek said so. The court sentenced one Uighur supporter of the “East Turkestan Liberation Organization” to death and handed down long prison terms to three others. The defendants were convicted of killing a Chinese official and wounding another in an attack on a Chinese delegation visiting Bishkek. They were also found guilty of kidnapping a Chinese businessman for ransom in southern Kyrgyzstan and of murdering a prominent Uighur in Bishkek in a financial dispute.

The East Turkestan Liberation Organization in Kyrgyzstan and the East Turkestan National Revolutionary Front in Kazakhstan are Uighur organizations that seek to create a Uighur state in Xinjiang. The Uighurs, like the Kyrgyz and Kazakhs, are Turkic people of the Muslim faith. A few Uighurs may have been among the pro-Taliban forces in Afghanistan.