Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 175

According to reports in a Dagestani newspaper, Chechnya is not the only subject of the Russian Federation where criminals (or suspected criminals) are executed publicly. In May, a couple accused of murdering their child were executed in the square of the Dagestani city of Buinaksk. In June, in accordance with the sentence of a Shariah court, a murderer was publicly executed in the Dagestani village of Endirei. In July, also in Dagestan, in the village of Khadzhalmakhi, a criminal found guilty of murder by a Shariah court was thrown off a precipice. (Novoe delo [Dagestan], July 25) These instances of "vigilante justice" in Dagestan were ignored by the federal authorities and no criminal cases have been opened, though the incident in Buinaksk was covered in detail in the Russian media. The Russian authorities seem less interested when vigilante justice is enforced on territory under its jurisdiction than in cases when it is done openly in Chechnya (the Grozny authorities permitted the executions to be videotaped, which made it possible for them to be shown on Russian television).

Pro-Military Organization Holds Founding Congress.