Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 88

President Yeltsin met for more than two hours in the Kremlin yesterday with rival presidential candidate, Grigory Yavlinsky. Yavlinsky told a television interview afterwards that the discussion had been policy-oriented and businesslike, and that Yeltsin had listened while Yavlinsky laid out his ideas for Russia’s future development. Yavlinsky said he presented the president with a document outlining his policies and Yeltsin had asked him to come back again with further details. (NTV, May 5) Afterwards, Yavlinsky held a further meeting with some of Yeltsin’s aides. Speculation was rife that Yeltsin offered Yavlinsky a leading post in a future Yeltsin government in exchange for retiring from the presidential race, or that the two discussed the possibility of running on a joint ticket, but no confirmation of such reports is yet forthcoming.

Yavlinsky Associate Lays Down Conditions.